Is Tetoota for everyone?

Yes, Anyone who has a talent or skill and would like to provide it to others is welcome. That service could be your profession or hobby. You just have to be good at it. You don’t need to have a PhD in Carpentry, but will expect you to know your work. Our barter platform is good for individuals, freelancers, professionals, people with unique skills, startups, etc. For example, as a freelance photographer, why not trade a new portfolio of photos with a yoga studio for yoga lessons, or with a digital marketing person, or some cookies from a home chef. Or are you starting a marketing agency and need help to create that logo? Why not trade your expertise in marketing with a graphic designer?

What type of services are on Tetoota?

From varied handymen services for your home to specialized consulting, we have more than 50000 different kinds of unique services. No service, skill, or position is too small or big to be on Tetoota. Whether you choose to provide consulting, web design, or house cleaning is up to you, but the community will expect you to provide the same with high standards as for anyone else. In short, you can offer any service you want so long as members are happy with what they get.

Can I convert my Tetoota Points to Rupees?

No—Tetoota cannot be bought or sold with any other currency, and exist solely within Tetoota platform.

How can I earn more Tetoota Points?

You can earn Tetoota by performing services for other members, and by completing actions like sharing it with others, community meets, liking it on and onboarding of new members. Tetoota app is built for freelancers, startups, creatives and digital nomads.

What is virtual

A service can be offered virtually through internet over a video or over a phone call. Consultancy for example, or a yoga lesson. A product could be virtual—like writing an essay, filing a return, etc.

How much should I price my service or product in tetoota points (tps)?

An average user will have 50 tetoota points. Our recommendation will be to keep it in the range of 10-50, so that people are more inclined to trade with you.

How does an exchange of service happen?

Once you have sent or received a proposal for exchange, and both the parties have provided services to each other, you need to rate the other person’s service, and complete deal. Similarly, the other person will also complete deal at her end, and that is when the exchange really happens.

How does a transfer of points happen?

Once the other person has offered you her service, you complete the deal at your end, provide feedback, and your points are transferred.

What if you feel cheated or a service was not offered to you?

You always have the right to write an honest feedback, and until the time the service is not offered, you can choose to not complete the deal and the points will not be transferred.

What if the service was offered, and the other person is not completing the deal?

Try to connect with the guest, and if that does not happen, reach out to us, and will help you in having the points transferred.

Putting an image to your service or product listing?

A personalized image is always a better option for the service listing else we will choose a standard image based on the category of the listing.

Become a Brand Ambassador for your region

Depending upon your interest and commitment towards the new sharing economy, we can help you become the brand ambassador for your region and you can organize meetings and get-togethers, and earn points.

How to earn badges?

Good Reviews, Faster Response, and your activity (number of trades), Additional parameters would include your networking capabilities—helping new members on-board, and spreading the word.