“Skill will pay your bill” -Tetoota

The name of the app is as unique as its features. With the app Tetoota we want to break away with the stereotype thinking of only money can make “YOU” learn new Skills and Hunar. The main vision behind the app is to make learning of new skills easily available to anyone and everyone.

Remember the barter system? Everything happened in kind and no cash and that what exactly is the crux of Tetoota.

Tetoota is a stepping stone towards a new era of learning skills;  whereby a user shares his/her skill or skills  in exchange of learning some other new skills or improvise upon the existent ones. And yes the barter is completely Free and monetary benefits can be earned too, depending upon the barter. To make it more simple let me share this anecdote ‘a maths teacher wanted to learn basic web designing and the designer was willing to barter in return of teacher teaching his kid maths for a month” now that how simple it is and that’s how it works.

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There are people on the app who are happy using it and have learnt new skills simply by trading a skill for a skill. And what more you can earn Tetoota brownie points which can be redeemed against some hot and happening goodies.

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