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Tetoota Points (credits) are earned when you help someone in the network, and you can use your points to trade/exchange your skills.

Who We Are

Tetoota—making India great again !

Tetoota is a social platform for skill exchange. It serves as a C2C services barter platform for individuals to trade their services and strengths, and in return, learn skills or get personal assistance from subject matter experts thereby removing all barriers of peer to peer learning. Choose from a range of services to help you excel in life, and most importantly, experience the true joy of sharing.

Tetoota—Kya Toota?

Purani Soch!!! Old thinking and old paradigms that you need money to learn or that you need money to get things done. There is almost everything that you can get if you have a unique talent or skill to trade. Plus, money NEVER brought people together, but through Tetoota, it makes you more social. When you start sharing, you earn friendship and help from others, and that is the kind of community we are making.


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Your skill is a new wealth & now is the time to leverage it
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