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Talent is the new currency

Tetoota Points (credits) are earned when you help someone in the network, and you can use your points to trade/exchange your skills or redeem vouchers.


Thank you Tetoota for connecting me to People and not buyers and sellers" I work in the Corporate Industry but my strokes in painting gave me more peace and satisfaction. But due to a hectic schedule, I was unable to dedicate time to my Paintings. But Tetoota helped me connect with like-minded and professional people who allowed me to attend their workshop for free and all I had to do was guide them for their new startup for promoting amateur painters. No deal was as satisfying as this one !! Read more...

Sunil Sawlani

They say Luck is by Chance! I am all for it! Came across Tetoota by chance and I am so glad I did. I totally love the concept which looks beyond monetary benefits and gives weightage to Skill, Services, Experience as everything traded is through barter or for Tetoota points. I have successfully bartered my blogging skills for a short script for a school play."A Skill for a Skill will make the world an enriched place". Read more...

Chetna Pardeshi

Time and affordability are two factors which decide how far you can learn! With Tetoota my experience has been so affective and effective. One glance at the app and you realise the N number of talent and services available with a tap. Thank you Tetoota for creating an economy of skills, services which can be explored through bartering. Read more...

Chitransh Sharma


Do we Need Such Platforms?!

This is one of the question which has been bombarded us right from the inception of the idea. Apart from the obvious one like What is the point of such an app? What good will it do? The mantra of today or rather for always has been “paisa phekh, tamasha dekh (throw money and see your work being done smoothly} Why do you want to do something so outrageously different? These were some prominent rhetoric which actually coaxed me and my partner to surge ahead. These questions were the catalyst to propel us to actualize the app as we realized the app will be beneficial for large number of population. Lets face it! Anything that’s free in our country is considered not up to the mark of being average forget about it being even good. So that mentality needs to be changed. We believe Free is Premium and at Tetoota the Skills, Experience and Service exchanged are of high premium quality. The users are the people like us who want to learn and surge ahead but the monetary factor creates a friction between their learning and surging. Tetoota aspires to remove the friction and create a smooth learning process through barter. For Tetoota all is required a smart phone and Wi-Fi and as per the data “The number of Smartphone users worldwide is projected to amount to nearly 2.7 billion in 2019.” So the signs are positive and we are sure on Tetoota #HunarBolega. Skills Indeed! The new Gillete ad has royally smashed the patriarchal notion! Such ad profess that being skilled is important irrespective of the gender. Based on a true story, it is about two young girls in Tola Village in Uttar Pradesh who have taken over their father’s business after his sudden death. One may wonder what is so different or exclusive about this. A daughter taking over their father’s business is not any longer new. It is, if it is a Barber’s Shop Well Played Gillette! Two things come to our notice here, first a skill is a skill irrespective of the gender. In today’s time gender discrimination is steadily being fought and this ad comes as a booster. Second, the creative genius behind the concept, skill again plays a pivotal role. This clearly magnifies the importance of the skills in any industry.

15-05-2019 -Ayushi

Trade your skills with Tetoota

Learning was Never so Easy by Pooja Gujarati It was summers of 2018 when I came across Tetoota! It was the name which ignited curiosity and made me explore its Instagram account instantly. I loved their concept of bartering which I presume was very novice for India. I simply headed to their app and downloaded it. It was very easy to make my profile about my skill offerings and I also got my initial Tetoota points for downloading. I am a digital marketer and love trekking! I was willing to offer my digital acumen for Tetoota points or some nearby trekking activity. I think in the span of a day or two I got more offerings than my expectations. Hence came my first exchange, I was offered to go for a trek on weekend for free and all I had to do was maintain the social platform from the trek. Without thinking twice I agreed as I knew the app was trustworthy. Since then I have not only bartered my skill but also my experience which could help someone somehow. The concept is old but is being revived and for millennial, this is the best deal they could get from the boon of technology. I am still operating and bartering! I have gained knowledge and improvise my few skills too. I am happy and my new learnings to some extent, I owe it to Tetoota! Thank you for trying to create an economy based on sharing and no money! As they say #hunarbolega TETOOTA-Share, Trade & Learn! The concept behind Tetoota is very simple, exchange and trade without cash! It seemed difficult as a thought but after executing it through the app, the quantum of appreciation pouring is the prove that the initial glitches and the never give up attitude has paid off! Many mocked the app; some considered it a whimsical idea and some just did not paid any heed. But fortunately, Tetoota had a team which believed in the idea and worked hard to pull it off. The concept of barter is already creating waves in the west and its time India to reap benefit from its own traditional system. Today the economy is based on money. For everything, money is required, but society strata are not equal. Hence, not every single person can afford everything. Especially when it comes to learning, many bows down to financial pressure and makes no effort to learn further. This is heart-wrenching but nothing could be done; here app like Tetoota plays a vital role in connecting people as people and not as consumers and buyers. We believe the app will help people to connect and every single person and everyone is always in need to learn or to improvise their present skills. Tetoota can serve as a platform where anyone and everyone can share their skill, experience, property to barter with services, skills, assistance or simply Tetoota Points. Tetoota aims to create a social economy where the currency is a skill, services, and experience. Tetoota strongly abides by the motto #hunarbolega(skill will Speak) may take some time but will surely rise like a Phoenix.

07-05-2019 -Pooja Gujrati